It’s a hard thing to have people unhappy with you, but there’s nothing I can do. Either Breaking Dawn entertains you or it doesn’t. If I could go back in time, knowing everything I know right now, and write the whole series again, I would write exactly the same story. (The writing would be better, though—practice makes perfect.) This is the story I wanted to write, and I love Breaking Dawn. It’s everything I wanted in the last novel of my saga. People’s reactions don’t change that.

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I’m not exactly a self-confident person. But right now I feel good: I left ‘Twilight’ behind, and, with that, my adolescence. I’m now ready to move into the next phase.”

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“It’s much easier for a guy to say what he wants and not to be cute and funny all the time, but if you’re a strong sort of woman, you’re just, for lack of a better word, a bitch.”
— Kristen Stewart (x)

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It’s funny. By putting up walls, you think you’re protecting yourself, but you get to live less. If you’re hiding behind a wall, then you can’t see over it. You’re depriving yourself of so much if you’re trying to be too aware of what you’re putting out there. If you feel someone breaking those walls down, let them. Those are the people that you need to find in life, rather than people that you’re just comfortable with.

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Well duuuhh Rob Edward (x)

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